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Lumens per liter

> Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 13:18:44 -0500
> From: "Daphne Freeman" <daphne.freeman at home_com>
> Subject: Lumens per liter
> Wright mentioned AH Supply's reflectors and 3M's Silverlux silver.  Familiar
> with former but not latter.  Is that another PC reflector or just a coating
> or what?  Never heard of it.  Know AH's are supposed to be great and the
> Spider Light is supposed to be great for MH. Shopping for MH reflectors and
> it sounded interesting... Thanks.

It's a flexible, silvered Mylar thing that can be glued inside any hood, but
would work best in a properly-shaped reflector. The 3M web site describes it
and its fairly-worthless aluminum twin, also called "Silverlux." It is self
adhesive, by peeling off one side, and protected until installed, like the
AH reflectors, with a peelable cover on the working reflector side.

I'm playing with using some for 4' T-8 tubes. [The AH reflector is designed
for CFs.] I hope to stick it to flat aluminum, and then bend it to the
desired "golden arches" shape that gives best efficiency for a small, round
tube. There's a picture on their web page of a man installing exactly what I
want, but so far have not found either a shop willing to do them for a
decent price, nor the maker of the "troffer" they show.

See http://www.3m.com/market/construction/html/products/product193_p.html

One small problem. I think minimum order from 3M approaches $1500, and would
be more than enough to equip all the serious US planted aquaria! :-)



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