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Re: What is this stuff?

> Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 07:53:07 
> From: "Barry Mitchell" <barry_mitchell at hotmail_com>
> Subject: What is this stuff?	
> The stuff is pale, actually looks white growing on the sides of the tank, 
> looks almost black growing on the leaves of plants.  It attaches at one base 
> Actually, it looks like a herd of tiny reindeer have shed their antlers in 
> my tanks.

i had something similar once in a tank.  on the glass, it was 
whitish/beige, and branched out on the glass much like antlers.  I 
have no clue what to call this. I tried everything I could think to get 
rid of it.  it was hard to scrape off the glass.  Since that was an un-
planted tank I even used algae-cides, which had NO effect at all.  I 
finally got rid of it by tearing down the tank and scrubbing it with 
hydrogen peroxide.  the peroxide seemed to just eat it right away. 
made it much easier to scrape off.
   of course that's prety drastic. someone may have an easier 
answer and it was a small tank. 
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