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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #705

Hello Rod,

Multiply the amperage (15) by the voltage (110 or 220) to get Watts.
That will be the maximum Watts you can place on the circuit before the
circuit breaker activates.

80% of that value would be a safe long-term load.



> Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 18:21:01 -0600
> From: Rod Hanks <rhanks at benchbuilt_com>
> Subject: How much light on one circuit?
> Glad everyone enjoyed the lumens question.  I learned something but
> I'm not sure what.  Mostly I learned to go to ah supply and buy a ready-made
> kit.  Though the price of a setup for a 10-gallon tank is shocking, in my
> opinion.
> Here is another question.  My  house was wired in 68. My fish-room and
> a couple of other rooms are all on the same 15 amp circuit.  Is there a
> way to know how much light I can plug in back there before I have to
> call either an electrician or the fire department? (Either one would have
> a big impact on the capital budget).
> Thanks,
> Rod