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Another "What is this?"

I have some new type of algae in my 125. It is white, and looks like single 
strands of spider web. It will typically attach to a plant in the top 2-3 
inches of the tank and just waves in the flow. The strands are anywhere from 
1-6 inches long, and are so fine that a casual observer probably wouldn't 
even see them. I have been removing them with a filter tube brush. They 
attach and pull away. Doesn't seem to be a major problem now. It is just that 
I've never had this type in the tank before. My tank is a 125, CO2 injected, 
3 watts/gallon lighting, lightly stocked, R/O water reconstituted with 
Seachem Equilibrium to GH 4, KH maintained with Seachem Alkaline Buffer to KH 
4. Ph at about 7.1 during the day, somewhat lower at night.  Plants are 
growing well.

Any thoughts?