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Eliminating Aphids

I recently discovered something I think will be very helpful to the group.
Aphids were never much a problem for me when I kept my Co2 injected
aquariums covered.  But as soon as I went 100% pressurized Co2 I became
less careful about returning the glass covers.  Thus, whenever a leaf broke
the surface....aphids!

I have a terrarium for emersed growth Ludwigia acuata, grandelosia and a
few others... no aphids.  Yet the terrarium is side - by - side w/ an
opened top tank who's emersed growth got hit w/ aphids.  The terrarium is
opened to the air w/ a 1/4" crack that allows any aphid to enter.   It
seemed so obvious that high leavels of Co2 gas in the terrarium kills all
the aphids!  Talk about a natural insecticide!  

Now,  I havent tried this w/ DIY Yeast generated Co2.  My guess is it
should work too as long as the yeast culture is  LARGE in proportion to the
tank and is very active.  In addition, the aquarium should be covered w/ a
glass top leaving only a small, open crack.

There in no other safe way I've found to control aphids (that won't harm
the plants or fish) except perhaps to make sure no plant reaches the

Substrate Nutrient Injector and DIY Yeast Co2 Diffuser reactor: