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hygro losing leaves

I would really like some advice:
I recently moved a patch of sunset hygro and now the plants are
defoliating.  The leaves are developing small holes, losing color and
dropping off the stems.  This is occuring in both younger and older
leaves.  Is this a result of being disturbed during the move or a nutrient
deficiency? I have read elsewhere that potassium and other ion
deficiencies can cause this problem.  The plants seemed healthy before
being uprooted. Could they have been suffering from sub-clinical
deficiency before being moved and now showing signs when stressed?  I have
also seen an increase in algae since re-arranging the plants although
there have been no detectable changes in H20 chem.  Other plants in the
tank are doing well, growing and pearling.   
Tank parameters: 3 watts per gallon, fluorite, fish/inverts/mollusks, no
detectable nitrite (could this be the problem?), no ammonia, 0.1 Fe, dKH
4, dGH 5, pH 7.0-7.2, DIY CO2 conc 10-15 (unsure of units), daily Fe
dosing, bi-weekly fluorish.  
Thanks much, Laurel