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Re: Lumens per liter

>From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>

>Well, all those details are far too involved to constitue a "rule of
>thumb".  I suspect that the 30-50 lumen per liter rule is based on nominal
>lumens -- i.e. on the lumen rating of the light source.  If you need to
>base something on actual lumens then probably you're better off getting a
>meter, measuring lux and converting to lumens.

George Booth wrote:

Gosh, once you have a lux meter, why go back to goofy lumens? That's sort
of like figuring out how many gallons of gas you put in your fuel tank by
dividing miles traveled by what your car thought it did in miles per
gallon. Why not just read the gas pump meter? Lux is what you really want -
the actual intensity as produced by the lumens coming form the bulb and
bouncing off the reflector.  Hey you can even tell how bright it is at the
bottom after all the shading and light piping takes place. Cool!

I reply:

What if you haven't bought the car yet?

Look at that a thread that keeps it's subject heading for more than three
messages :-)