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Re: How does one vaccuum

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Gerry Beathard wrote:

> Is vacuuming really required?  Is there an easy way without stressing
> the entire system?

Vaccuuming is not required.  In fact, it is damaging to the substrate, so
you probably shouldn't do it.

If you do feel an overwhelming need to clean or replace your substrate,
then you might do it Karen Randall's way.  Remove the plants from a
section of the tank (a 1-foot square area, for instance) and either
vaccuum that section or replace the substrate in that section, then
replant the plants.  Go through the entire tank one area at a time, until
you have cleaned and/or replaced everything. Spread the job out over
several weeks to reduce the impact on the tank.

Gee, by the time you've vaccuumed the whole tank it could be time to start
again.  It sounds like a nasty job that's never done.

Roger Miller