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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #702

> Halogens are even more effecient than incandescents, so would 'only' need
> about 6-12 wpg, so two 75 watt halogen bulbs would light a 20 very well, and
> leave the top plenty open as well.  Now we just need to work on the light
> spectrum issue, and it's the poor-mans metal halide!
> Derek Johnson

You will find that the spectrum of the MR-16 GE bulbs to be very good at
growing plants. It's 3050K. It grow all em plants. Some are washed out like
Ammannia's but almost all the plants will look quite nice. I used 3 x 50
watts over a 20 for a few years with hundreds of species. Did very nicely.
Color takes a little getting use to but most folks seem to really like the
over all look. We have lots of quartz lights for interior lighting. Can't be
that ugly:)

Tom Barr