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Re: SF plants and LFS's

> Hi all,
> I am going out this weekend to get the fish and plants to stock my
> newly setup tank with. I need to know if anyone in the Bay Area has a
> suggestion of a fish store in San Francisco(or further north?)

Ain't nothing in Marin. Nippon has SAE's (2.99ea typically), shrimps etc and
a number of plants, I would not go to 6th Ave. Sick fish and poor plants but
cheap prices. You get what you pay for there. Ocean Aquarium down on Cedar
is much better. Justin is the owner. Seedy but neat place. I like places
like that personally. Other place would be over in Albany, Albany Aquarium
on San Pablo Ave. 10 minute from Richmond Bridge from Marin. No traffic
either! Guy has more a plant tank shop than anyone in the Bay Area. There's
a few nice display tanks there now as well. A good selection of plants.
Lucky Ocean is not far from Nippon on Balboa and has SAE's and some nice
fish and a few plants every so often. These are the main plant shops worth
going to
in the North.
For plants, Albany will have the best selection. He has SAE's but you might
freak at their fish prices.

> I'm coming from about an hour north of
> S.F.,

Santa  Rosa?
Try Ceasar's Tropical Fish Factory. Ask them to special order your SAE's and
see how much they are. Get your plants elsewhere. There are a couple of
places in Napa as well. I don't know if Anthony of North Bat Aquatics in
Cotai is still around but he use to have some stuff or could get it for you.

BTW, SFBAAPS meetings are good places to score weeds and other goodies.
Steve has an open house coming up this Sat. Quite an neat tank. you should
come as it's right across the GGB off of Scott St. Don't be shy!
SFAS meetings are another good place for plants/fish. I got Blue Diamond
Discus for 5$ ea for 3 inch fish. Neil Frank and myself use to have all
kinds of weeds there at the auctions. SFBAAPS is very much worth the effort
to join if you live in the area. You will get far more back in learning and
fun than you'll spend on it. We have members in Napa, Livermore, Santa
Barbara(myself), SF, South Bay, all over basically. Several SFAS members
come down from Santa Rosa as well. Get involved if you want to find neat
things, places, deals and to learn. As good as it is, the APD can only go so
So we will see you at Steve's?:) I'll pay your gas if you come and are
disappointed. How about that? For more info for anyone in the Bay Area:

Tom Barr