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Good SF Bay Area LFS's??

Hi all,
       I am going out this weekend to get the fish and plants to stock my 
newly setup tank with. I need to know if anyone in the Bay Area has a 
suggestion of a fish store in San Francisco(or further north?) that they 
like or despise. I have heard of Nippon and another one on Clement(6th 
Avenue Aquarium?). I read some review on fish stores on the net and found 
that Nippon has gone to crap - I've never been there, but heard it was good. 
I also heard that they stock SAE's - is this true? I'm looking for a place 
that has decent prices, but a wide variety of plants and fish. I'd really 
like to get some SAE's, so if anyone knows anywhere in the city where I can 
find them, I'll make an extra stop. I'm coming from about an hour north of 
S.F., so anything much further south may be a bit too far, but I'd like to 
hear your suggestions. Thanks.
Ryan Ingram
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