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paint for a hood?

Kevin asked about paint for his hood.

Assume you are asking about inside where it would be exposed to water,
moisture etc.  It is my understanding that the best thing to use would be a
marine epoxy type paint.  (like they use on boats)  It will protect your
wood from moisture and by using a light color can help your reflector out a
little I would think.  If you were asking about outside I would think
several coats of polyurethane would do it.

Depending on what type of lighting you are using, perhaps a fan or two
(Icecaps variable speed fan is supposed to be super quiet and is only on
when heat is an issue) would help keep it vented and more friendly to the
wood as well.

I would think neither recommendation would harm your tank provided it dried
properly before using.  I hope not, this is what I am going to do on my new