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Re: V4 #699

Thomas Barr Wrote

> Indianapolis gets their from the White river as I recall. You live in a
> limestone area (as do I at present) so you'll have scary hardness but

Correct Indy does get some water from White River and various reservoirs
about 50% to my knowledge.  Unfortunately I live just North of Indy.(Carmel)
And I do have a great big limestone quarry a mile from my house.  The city
get all water from various wells.  One happens to be a half mile from the
quarry.  The city softens the water, but it is still hard.  I get those
ugly white crust all over my hoods.

>Unless you have super rock hard water

I need a different hardness test kit.  Mine only measures total hardness.
(Aquarium Phar..)  I get tired of adding drops past the 30 count.

> I will suggest since your going to have more plant tanks to get yourself
> CO2 since you can add to another tank easily (and cheaply) as you get
> to it.

This is definitely on my list of Capital Expenditures for next year.
Hopefully I will have one by July.

> Your asking for it trying this soil acidifier>

Since I have been dosing quite high with Iron (Tetra FloraPride) I hoped
this may work. My plants leaves are yellow, the sword has not grown.  The
soil acidifier has 4.6% iron vs. the 0.15% and cost less.  I have though
order TMG and will try it out.  It seems quite popular for plant keepers.

< Use CO2 to lower your pH. .... Adding CO2 has this "air of mystery" for
many new folks >

I am not against high CO2.  The best tank I have ever has was a 30 gal, 32
watt flour.. loaded with Seven Large Angels and two Cory's...very soft water
(Toledo) PH 6.6 no algae and Hygro that I would have to trim every week when
doing water changes so that the fish could swim.  It was great till I moved.
Angels do not like this hard of water.  They succumbed of it or what I would
say old age.  (4-5yr)  :(


Kevin Schulte