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PH reduction

Roger Miller Wrote

>"If your 75 gallon tank has been set up for a
> while (say a year or two) then you could very well make growing conditions
> worse by taking it down and building in a "plant friendly" substrate."

I need to move the tank over to the other side of the room.  I have enough
buckets to hold the majority of the water so that I don't cause too much
stress.  But I usually siphon the gravel good and I though it would be a
great time to introduce a flourite/laterite and peat moss mixture covered
will the old gravel.  I have read before of using "Profile"  but I do not
know if this will counteract trying to lower the PH.

> > As to the pH problem, first it would be good to know what pH level
> shooting for,

7.4 would be a great improvement.  My test kit goes up to 7.6.  The water
out of the tap is several shades of blue (higher) than this.  True most fish
do acutaly have a tremendous tolerance to this.  But once I have determined
that I can keep the PH low, say 6.8 or so without spending all eforts/money
on RO water and PH down.  ( the PH down seems to stress the fish a little)

>"With a 75 gallon tank you should probably be running 2 or
> 3 2-litre CO2 generators, >

I currently use a 1 gal setup.  This I put the outlet going directly into my
Lifeguard filter.  I would say it boubles into the filter 2 bouble/sec.
Once I have noticed the fish gasping.  Now I watch it closer when changing.
I do though have a powerhead, pointed down.  Do you think I should remove
it.  I do not see surface agitaion, but the water does have a current.

> can't give any advise on it's use without knowing what (aside from
> chelated metals) are actually in the product.

Good point, I will see if I can find out what else is in it.  The product is
from Green Light Co. and it is simply called Iron and Soil Acidifier.  They
have a web site that I will check.

> Aren't Silver Dollars major plant eaters?

Yes kind of :)  The first 2 years I had him, I would buy this plant from the
LFS (do not remember the name,,it looked like grass)  He would graze at it
untill it was gone.  But now I have him in with a Amazon Sword and some
hygro, he leaves it fully alone.


Kevin Schulte