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Re: Substrate in "real" Dutch aquariums

Thanks, Stephane, for the explanation. Although I still see the 
substrates in the pictures as very white. Maybe it is an artifact
of my computer screen. Many other aquariums depicted in the nbat 
site also appear to have bright white substrates. 

Btw, that site is loaded with useful info. There are a number of planted 
aquariums with detailed technical descriptions in their archive section:

NIEUW in het Aquarium -> Archief -> (down in the page) ->
Vivarium in beeld , the click in the Gezelschap entries. 

In the Landelijke Huiskeuring section, down in the same archive page,
there are more descriptions of tanks.

It is a pitty that I can't read Dutch... But most of the quantitative
info is readily understandable. An interesting thing that caught my 
attention is the emphasis on time-staggered ligthing. Also, they seem 
to depend almost entirely on a mix of "TL" 58 Watt bulbs, that I presume 
are from the European Philips TL series. Another vey interesting thing 
is the table at the bottom of the 1999 page, which lists water conditions 
for several tanks. They also seem to highly favor small, weekly water 

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD