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Iron and Soil Acidifier

Hi Everyone,
    I've been reading this list for a while now.  I have the interest of
changing my tanks from all fish to planted tanks.  I think that they look
realy cool.  I have had many types of fresh water fish all of my life.
Since I've moved to Indiana my water has constantly had Extremely high PH.
It goes off the scale even after adding too much PH down.  (the water here
is from a well,  the city softens from what I was told)
    Here is a the tank I am experimenting with first.  75 gal, 160 watts of
Croma 50 lights, Lifeguard AF-19 filter and DIY CO2.  (I use Peat Moss in
the Filter)  In a couple of weeks I intend to dismantle this tank to add
plant freindly substrate.  (currently all gravel)
    My question is that I constantly need to lower the PH and supliment Iron
to everything.  I have found a soil acidifier that works well for my garden.
It analysis is   S - 3.10%, Cu chelated 0.12%, Fe chelated 4.60% and Zn
chelated 0.12%.  I have previously add very small amount to the tank and
imediatly saw a white precipitate.  Does anyone know if I could add this on
a regular basis without harming my fish.  I have a Silver Dallar in the
tank, which I purchased in 1988.  He has been through 6 moves with me.
(going thru school)  I take every precaution to keep him healthy.

Thanks for Help

Kevin Schulte
swiedeme at iupui_edu