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Re: Lighting for 10 gallons

>Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 11:18:24 -0600
>From: Rod Hanks <rhanks at benchbuilt_com>
> I'm looking to improve lighting over existing 10 gallon tanks
> and adding new 10 gallon tanks.  For various reasons I need
> lights that fit over the top of the tanks, rather than putting two
> tanks side by side and running a single light over both of them.
> I'm looking at flourescents that will fit over a 10-gallon.  I
> need a bulb/ballast/end-cap combination to make the thing
> work.

You want a 36W compact fluorescent.  They are 16.5 inches long, and not
much bigger than a single T12 lamp.  The GE number (from memory) is
F39BX/SPX50, but they are hard to find.  Check out AHSupply.com.  They
have it as a kit, including a socket, an electronic ballast, and a

Best regards,