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Re: Algae and Incandescent Lighting

>From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>

>Guess what happens when you lower your lighting amount? This is often what
>happens when you add incandescent lighting since, it is as Ivo said, far
>less efficient than FL's etc. Now you have a slower running rate of energy
>going into your tank, often much lower. Lower lighting tanks have easier
>times dealing with algae typically. Imbalances appear much slower.
>Corrections are done much easier as well. Relating color to intensity is a
>problem here. A correction in the CO2 / nutrients balance will solve your
>algae problem. You can keep your lights that you have.

So your saying going from a 30 watt light to a 15watt light on a 10g? I know
I've made some mistakes with plant growing, I just bought the Aquarium Plant
Manual by Scheurmann. I found out my I have coarse gravel which allows
debris to fall through the cracks, didn't buy enough plants,I think I'm
finally dosing nutrients right, but it doesn't seem to matter because the
Black Algae is EVERYWHERE, including every leaf and all over the driftwood,
so it doesn't seem like any of the plants will recover, I've done several
water 50% and 1 75% water change and it seems the Black Algae is still
growing, so my next step's probably just going to let it run and just remove
the dead plants over time, and not bother removing the algae. I'm just
totally worn out from watching that tank:) But first i'm gonna try covering
the tank for 10 days and see if that'll kill everything.