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Re: Threat algae

Frank Tadeo:

>seems like when i eradicate one strain of algae, another one rises.  my 
>newest strain of algae is a floating thread like type.  it looks like my 
>water is filled with little hairs or dust.  i thought at first that they 
>were nematodes but they were green and did not move.  any ideas of how to 
>control this?  has anyone had this type of algae before?  i started daily 
>water changes a few days ago, i'm not sure if its working yet.

Hey Frank!  How long do these strands get?  From your description, do you
suppose Florida Flag Fish  (Jordanella floridae)or FFF  would take care of
the problem?  If that algae IS a true algae,  Barley Straw Extract will
make it a memory.

Flora APM:

Florida Flagfish for Hairalgae Elimination: