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Re:Plant food

Steve writes:

> I still believe in the school of thought that small water changes instead of
>  adding chemicals are better.  I'm in favor of laterite in the substrate 
>  a UGH for plants requiring more iron than is present in the water supply,
>  but I have never used any fertilizer or other additives, except for a small
>  fish population and fish food.  I've seen remarkably fast growth at times,
>  enough to completely fill up the tank in a month, and very poor growth if
>  any at all at other times.

When I lived in Western NY, I also had good growth of my plants.  Now I live 
in Idaho, and without fertilizer, NOTHING grows, not even reasonable amounts 
of algae.  The difference?  Not the kind of fish I keep or the type of fish 
food I use.  The water is the reason.  Locally, the water contains sodium, 
calcium,magnesium, slilcate, carbonate, iron and chloride.  The 
concentrations vary from one season to the next.  I currently have 3 GH out 
of the tap.  In September I have 6.  The fish aren't providing enough boron, 
zinc, or probably a number of other micronutrients.

  If you get great growth at times and poor growth at times, it may be 
seasonal.  Track it for a year, and see if it is.  If so, then you should 
consider fertilizing at those times of year when your water changes aren't 
giving your plants everything they need.

Bob Dixon
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