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Re: Apisto Spawn

Slvia writes:

> Thanks Bob, I should have been more specific. Some softwater fish will 
>  no matter what, or as long as the water is even moderately hard. This may 
> not 
>  be the case with some apistos though. Would you keep a planted tank at 
>  ppm hardness. If so, would you still run co2?

Now there's the balancing act, isn't it.  I don't use CO2, because I'm just 
not that motivated for the plants' sake.  The plants are in there for the 
fish.  IF you keep GH VERY low, like under 1, then you can push KH up a 
little.  Or better, keep GH and KH at arond 2 and use a hydroxide like NaOH 
rather than a carbonate to raise pH, and then use the CO2 to bring the pH 
back down to the 6.0-6.5 range for the fish.  You need to be careful with 
NaOH because it is very reactive when being wetted.  Mix it with the water 
first.  Some "ice melters" are NaOH.  I'm sure it can also be found AS NaOH 
on the web somewhere or at a local chemical supply house.

Bob Dixon
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