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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #691

I have two large SAEs in one of my tanks that appear to be courting.  The 
black stripe is now more mottled, they seem to be doing a dance next to 
each other.  This change in behaviour resembles courting/mating that I 
have withnessed in other fish, but am I wrong? 
If they are indeed courting can someone point me to the appropriate 
information so that I can successfully breed these two?  ( In the 7 years 
that I have looked for/requested  SAEs in the Lehigh Valley, I found them 
once, mislabled and bought all 10 of them. )  The LFS in the Lehigh 
Valley are getting scarce and the remaining ones are not very good.



Aquatic Plants Digest

>Aquatic Plants Digest     Friday, December 1 2000     Volume 04 : Number 691