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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #691 - brown spots at leafes of microsorium pteropus

----- Original Message ----- > Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 21:55:45 +0100

Off the top of my head, I think you're talking about what we call here 'Java
Fern'.  Anyways, that's about all you could grow with your light/surface
area/depth.  I have had them in my tank for several years, and they have
gone through a process from growing little, to growing and growing like
there's no tomorrow, to having dying leaves turning brown and losing leaf
mass, to suffering from massive algae growth in the tank, to coming back
(now).  The algae wasn't my fault, but ok, so I'm not as meticulous as I
should be.  However, I've sold about $50 worth in 2 sales to the LFS from
the original 3" plant with 2 leaves that I bought several years ago, and
there's still loads left in the tank.

Anyways, despite your report of pH of 7, I believe my brown leaves are due
to lower than 7 pH.  It could conceivably be from being blocked from light
by other leaves.  Fish will always lower the pH over time, the more fish,
the faster.  I believe some if not all non-substrate fertilizers will also
lower the pH (they contain nitric acid, NO3), and certainly, if you're
growing low-light plants in a low-light environment, you do not need to
fertilize at all, at least in my experience.  Fish excreta (and decaying
food) _are_ fertilizer.  But keep up a reasonable water change, huh?

DISCLAIMER:  My advice is from my experience, which may be very different
from yours.  By choosing to make use of any of my response, you aggree to 1)
indemnify me from negative results, accidental damage, deaths, water
changes, climatic changes, diaper changes, and acts of God, and 2) respond
to other readers' questions from your own experience.

Steven Groginsky

> From: "Klaus Haber" <kh3515 at bingo-ev_de>
> Subject: brown spots at leafes of microsorium pteropus
> Hello,
> my m.pteropus has lot of dark, brown spots and points at the older leafes.
> don't know, if it is an indicator of less furtilizer, to much light or
> snip something else. On the other hand, I have seen the same plants in
> tanks with really, uni green leafes, independent of young or old leafes,
> beautiful to see.  <snip>

> Lot of plants, fischload ~1cm/1,5l
> I furtilize every week after waterchange with an in the states unknown
> german fertilizer (I have the composition, if necessary).
> Thank you and regards, Klaus Haber