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Re: To laterite or to not laterite ...

>Im in the process of setting up a new tank. And i want to know what's you
opinion about a tank with only with flourite against a tank with fluorite
and laterite ?

I agree that it is rather pointless to use both. It should be a question of
one or the other. Both provide ferric iron. Both require the iron to become
water soluable before it can be used by plants most effectively. I think
Jamie's tests showed laterite to have higher concentrations of Fe, but is
more better? Both provide a basic endless supply of iron and as much as any
plant can use. Can plants use the Fe provided in either medium more easily,
faster, or more efficiently? I doubt it.

There are other more pratical issues to consider. Since Flourite is inert
and can be used by itself, you can re-arrange it, and make it as deep or
shallow as you wish. Laterite on the other hand needs to be covered with
gravel or sand to prevent it from getting in the water colum, which prevents
you from making it too shallow, or too deep.  Either Flourite or laterite
should be fortified with additional minerals or NPK if you want to cut back
what you add to the water colum. Substrate Gold is the only commercial
laterite product that provides anything significant other than Fe.

Congratulations to Frode Roe, the big winner of AGA Showcase! I had the
priveledge of seeing pictures of his tank for the past year as it
progressed. I have always been fascinated by dutch aquascaping, and I am
pleased to see Frode's talent showcased. Congrats to Cathy Hartland, Jamie
Johnson, and all the other winners as well. I felt severly outclassed by all
the outstanding pictures.

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator
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