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brown spots at leafes of microsorium pteropus

my m.pteropus has lot of dark, brown spots and points at the older leafes. I
don't know, if it is an indicator of less furtilizer, to much light or
something else. On the other hand, I have seen the same plants in other
tanks with really, uni green leafes, independent of young or old leafes,
beautiful to see. My water conditions are:
PO4~0,1 mg/l,
Fe=0,05 mg/l,
CO2~20 mg/l (calcul.),
light: 2X30 Watts, Osram 860 and Osram 830
Lot of plants, fischload ~1cm/1,5l
I furtilize every week after waterchange with an in the states unknown
german fertilizer (I have the composition, if necessary).
I ask kindly for information, what happend with my m.pteropus and how to
solve the problem.
Thank you and regards, Klaus Haber