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Re: Algae and Incandescent Lighting

"David Bundy" <bundyd at semantique_com> wrote:

> Tom, I'm not sure which "low light temperature lamps" you are referring to here.
> It's my understanding that incandescent lamps, despite having a significantly
> lower light temp than, say, cool-white NOs, have CRI at or near 100.

That's right.

> So if people opt for fluorescents over incandescents, or if they add in some  fluorescents to a previously incandescent-only fixture, then it's for some other reason than CRI (e.g. operating cost, cooler tanks, esthetic, superstition, whatever's-on-hand, etc.).

Usually for (i) efficiency - fluorescents are about 5 times more efficient than
incandescents, and (ii) color temperature - incandescents have a too low
color temperature, so even with a CRI of 100 the resulting colors that we
see look unatural when compared with the same colors viewed under sunlight.

> I've read that we should try and think of CRI and light temp K as uncorrelated.

They are uncorrelated.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD