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New plants and lighting

Three weeks ago I set up my first tank- a 25 gallon community tank with a
few live plants.  Most of the plants are rooting well but seem to be rotting
at the base, separating, and then snap from the roots and float to the top.
Is there something I can do to prevent this "rot"?   The ph in my tank runs
around 7.2  and as a precaution I had the water tested at our local pet
store. They said my water is fine, everything fell in the normal range and I
had nothing to worry about.  I'm wondering if my problem might be lighting.
My tank doesn't get a lot of natural light in the day and I don't think the
fluorescent bulb, an "aqua-glow", that came with my light canopy is right
for live plants. The reddish hygro has all but died.  It lost most of it's
leaves and while there are a few new ones growing, the stalk looks like it
is starting to rot.  The others (working on getting the names) are looking
kind of limp.  Can anyone recommend a good plant bulb for my factory light
canopy (24 inch bulb, 20 watts)?  Or can anyone suggest a better light
source ?  The tank is in my living room and I don't think my landlord would
appreciate me drilling holes to hang fluorescent lights.  Thanks for your
help and have a good day.

Kelly Matheson