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And the Winners Are......

No, this isn't an update on the election in Florida.... but my clock says it
is just past midnight EST, and that means November 30th has arrived....

I'm very happy to announce that the AGA International Aquascaping Showcase &
Contest web site should be fully functional within a few hours. The long
wait is over..... the Judges have finished their tasks and the winners of
the Contest portion of the event have been selected.

Rather than post a long list of Categories and winners here, I invite you to
visit the web site and look at the aquascapes for yourselves

We received an incredible variety of aquascapes from all over the world -
this truly is an international hobby. Tanks ranged in size from 19 L to an
amazing 6000 L and in a wide number of styles. I would like to thank
everyone who shared their aquascapes with us and offer congratulations to
the winners in the various categories.

As interesting as it is to see who won the prizes, please remember that this
event is first and foremost a Showcase of aquascaping - every one who
entered is a winner, whether or not they walk away with a ribbon. A careful
examination of the entries will teach you techniques that you might wish to
try for yourself. The judges' comments will prove helpful for deciding what
to do, and what to avoid, when aquascaping your next tank.

If you didn't enter this year, we hope to see you next time.

As a number of the winners are APD regulars, I'm sure that everyone will
enjoy seeing the results. For those of you who find your names in the
Winner's List, I shall be in touch with you via e-mail within the next few
days to confirm your mailing addresses and make arrangements for the
delivery of your prizes.


James Purchase