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Re: Cannister Filters/Mechanical/Biological

Ivo Busko wrote:

"The Ecco is reasonably priced and provides plenty of room
for mechanical media, which is the only thing you need in a filter in a
planted tank."

I can buy that, but what about a planted tank with a moderate to high fish
load? I'm setting up a 90 gallon high-tech planted tank that will also house
goldfish. (Either lots of them or large fish)  I've partitioned off a 6"
wide section at one end of the tank which will contain filtration media and
a submersible pump for water return to the main portion of the tank. There
are two racks in this in-tank sump, one for mechanical filtration of the
main thank (DLS and sponge) and another to hold bioactive media for use in a
hospital tank if it become necessary. The space below is presently empty and
I am debating whether or not to fill it with bioballs because of the
goldfish notoriety for messiness. As I see it, the worst thing that happens
with more biological filtration is that all the ammonia is more quickly
converted to nitrate.

Austin, Texas, ya'll