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Algae and Incandescent Lighting

Matt, aka, Crimson2 at home_com has related his experience with algae and
incandescent lighting. The Dennerle company has literature that corroborates
Matt's experience. Dennerle claims that algae prefers lighting with a blue
spike while plants prefer lighting with a red spike in the spectrum.
Incandescent lights are high in red and low in blue, at around 3000K.
Dennerle also notes that many "plant lights" (such as Triton) were developed
in tests using algae as a subject. Which is to say, those lights grow algae
well, but may not be good for planted aquaria for that very reason. The
color rendering index (CRI) of most low light temperature lamps is not good
compared to lamps in the 5000-6500K range lamps. So a mix of both is the
solution that is frequently used.

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