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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #688

> Subject: Re: Cannister Filters
>> The Ecco is reasonably priced and provides plenty of room
>> for mechanical media, which is the only thing you need in a
>> filter in a planted tank. My personal opinion anyway.
> I agree completely with Ivo's comment on mechanical filtration, and
> how that's all anyone really needs in a heavily planted tank.
> I had great success in my 55-gallon tank using just a Magnum canister
> filter with a diatom cartridge in place *all* the time.  I did fit a small
> sponge over the filter intake, but that's truly all the man-made
> biological filtration this tank had.

I agree completely. I have switched back to this since doing my no filter
tanks. I think the results are better. I like the idea of filterless tanks
Tom Barr