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plants to trade

If anyone is interested, I have some plant trimmings to trade;

2 largish Amazon swords (Echinodorus- I got these when I set up the tank,
they have never doen well and i am ready to replace them with something more
interesting. Both have plantlets to propagate as well.)

baby tears (Micranthemum sp, probably M. micranthemoides- grows in all my
tanks in decent light, stays bushy but does need regular trimming, I grow it
both as a ground cover in front and on twigs for tree like effects.)

red frill (Myriophyllum heterophyllum- likes lots of light but will grow in
less, very fine leaves more a deep olive but the stems are nice and

Wendelov fern plantlets (Pteropis 'Wendelov'- growing slowly but steadily in
high and low light.)

floating water fern (Ceratopteris sp.- from Eric Olsen's trip to Brazil, a
cool floating fern, when young very like a Water Lettuce but prettier, as it
gets older the leaves develope parsley like fronds. Leaves have swollen
bladders like frogbit. Likes lots of light, and is a terrific nutrient
sponge. For those with green water, a cover of these will completely darken
the tank, and at the same time absorb more nutrients than any other floater
I know of. I usually compost lots of babies when I remove the mature ones
for lack of space.)

and of course, tons of frogbit, duckweed and higro. My tanks generally have
good light, but no CO2 and sporadic feeding, so if they will grow for me
they will grow for anyone.

If anyone is interested in plants for emergents or a plant flter, I also
have trimmings of Hemigraphis colorata and polka-dot plant.

I am looking for;

Crypt. blassii, C. griffithii, C. aponogetifolia... (or another broad leaf
tall crypt, preferably with some color or texture to the leaves, to replace
the above Amazon swords)
Anubias hastifolia (again, to replace the swords)
Anubias coffeifolia or any other Anubias (even emergent types)
Hygrophylla difformis variegata
Potamageton perfoliatus
Microsorium pteropis 'Tropica' (not the Wendelov Java fern, but the other
one. Or other different water ferns)
anything with reddish or variegated leaves that will grow in moderate light
and no CO2

Brett Johnson
Green Man Gardens
bnbjohns at home_com