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E.quadricostatus runners

 Does anyone out there know why only some
 quadricostatus plants produce runners and therefore
 stay small, while others don't run and become quite
 large. I recently bought 5 small plants in the hope
 of producing a small densly covered area. Two plants
 immediately put out runners and three weeks later
 chains 5 (small) plants long have grown and these
 have been redirected into circles to give the desired
 effect .Unfortunately,during the same period, the
 three other plants have grown to twice their
 initial size and are spoiling the effect. Given that
 they are the same plant (which I don't doubt), why
 aren't these plants growing the same under the same
 What causes plants to produce runners? Is the plant
 stressed and is therefore attempting to colonise
 better (distant) areas?
 While I can easily move these now larger plants to
 the rear of the tank,will they then produce runners  

 that will be hidden amongst my taller plants?
 Why won't my plants behave?
 Thanks in advance from a long time lurker.
 Dave Morris
 Christchurch NZ

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