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fluval filters (203 or 303)

I agree that the Fluval 03 filters were poorly designed, and a general 
pain.  My experience with the newer 04's is entirely different, though.  I 
have a 304 and a 404 that I like very much.  The O-ring stays in place, it 
is easy to open/close, there are built-in disconnect/shutoff valves that 
work well, and there is a hand priming pump that clears air locks when 

I inject CO2 by bubbling it directly into the filter intakes.  About every 
hour or so, the filters "burp" bubbles into the tank, but they have never 
air (or CO2 in this case) locked while running.

I would recommend them without hesitation (I even like them better than the 
Eheim I used to have).  Hope this is of some use.

Mark Gilmore
Los Angeles