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Re: Cannister Filters/Spray bar

> If plants in the tank are a top priority, you want
to minimize surface agitation at all costs.

> If you are talking about a planted tank, forget the
spray bar.

Please excuse my ignorance...why ??. Is it because in
a heavily planted tank, I should assume you have CO2
injection, which means the plants will convert it to
O2 and thus surface agitation is required less ? Or is
that with a heavily planted tank you simply don't want
the plants "blowing in the wind" ?? Or have I missed
something really obvious ?? I have a light to medium
planted tank with no CO2 injection, no fertilization
and a spray bar. The tank is spotless, the plants are
reproducing (I realise this would be greater with
CO2), and the fish are smiling. I used to use a single
outlet with the same results but circulation now is
even better. Have I missed something that is going to
cause a problem ? Thanks !

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