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Tank setup

Ryan asked about CO2 systems and vendors.

I've been looking into systems also and found the following which may be

Monolith Marine Monsters has a system which consists of a regulator, needle
valve, solenoid for $149.

Champion has the Blue Line regulator, needle valve, check valve, solenoid
for $149.  The check valve is plastic but M3 does have a nicer check valve
that is only about $18 if you don't like the plastic one.

Have used neither but a fellow APDer has been very happy with the BlueLine.

The Aqua-Medic bubble counter is supposed to be better than the Aqualine
Buschke (recommendation of aforementioned APDer) and Champion has it for
about $25 (doesn't show up on website, called and found out they have it).
I did not see any bubble counters on M3's site but then again, perhaps it
just doesn't show up and they have it also.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and I have no affiliation with the

Easier to buy the tank locally.