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Re: Canister filters

> I'm going to buy a Fluval cannister filter and am trying to decide between 
>  the 303 and the 304.  The 303 is older but comes with a spray bar.  The 
>  is newer but no spray bar.  What do you think of the spray bar and if it's 
>  useful, how easy is it to make one?

If you have a power drill, it's no problem at all.  Just get a length of 
plastic tubing and drill some holes.  (They don't have to be perfect.)  Or, 
you could just buy a replacement spray bar for the 303 and run it on the 304. 
 As for its usefulness, that question begs a subjective answer based on 
personal preference.  I like them because they don't concentrate a jet of 
water in one location in the tank.  That reduces violent agitation of the 
water (with most of your CO2 lost), instead spreading the agitation out more 
gently over a distance.  I run the spray bar several inches below the 
surface, aimed at the opposite bottom corner of the tank.  Filtration and 
water circulation are excellent, while CO2 loss is minimized (but not 
eliminated).  If plants in the tank are a top priority, you want to minimize 
surface agitation at all costs.  That may require running a smaller filter 
and servicing it more often.