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Re:Water Conditioners and Their Effect on Heavily Planted Tanks

>Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 21:39:09 EST
>From: LeroyC333 at aol_com
>Hello to everyone on this list.  Whoa, I just read in a back issue that
>someone said that it was NOT desirable to use water conditioners that remove
>heavy metals from tap water when you have a heavily planted tank.  Is this
>true?  <Endless repetitions deleted>

Ask question only once. Use words sparingly. Iron heavy. Draw conclusion. 
Amquel good.

>And also, on a side note, ...

If anyone else read this far, I would be amazed.

>I have heard that you should not use activated carbon in heavily
>planted tanks either, as it will take out and remove all of the trace
>elements in the water that the plant needs to grow.  Is this true?

Yes, to some degree.

>And if it is, then what type of media are you supposed to use in your 
>tanks for
>chemical filtration?


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