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No Subject

Hello to all,
            I am getting ready to set up a 40 gal plant tank and I have a 
couple questions before finishing up.
1)First, instead of using bottled water and adding pmdd or something 
similar, I am considering using the water out of my tap to save the hassle. 
I tested the pH out of my tap and it is around 7.4-7.6, but I ran out of the 
EDTA indicator for my hardness test, but based on previous experiences with 
this areas water, it probably is moderately hard. Will this be okay for most 
plants? Would you suggest adding anything like peat to help soften? The pH 
will go down some as I will be using CO2.
2)CO2 tank - I looked and printed out a bunch of info on 
http://www.thekrib.com and I know what parts I need(basically) for a DIY 
setup(without the manual electronics). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I need:
1)1-10/20 lb CO2 tank
2)pressure regulator attachment(1200psi-->50psi)
3)needle valve attachment
4)CO2-approved airline tubing(?)
5)Airline solonoid
Does anyone have recommendations of the best places to get these things? I 
heard that Welding/Plumbing stores are good for some and home brewing places 
are good for others. I would like to do this for the least amount of $ 
possible. I am in the SF Bay Area(north bay). Any help or suggestions? Thank 
Ryan Ingram
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