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re: iodine

I know what shrimp and crawfish look like; these are definitely some
kind of shrimp.  Their "blue claws" are very tiny, and I think they
only have a claw on one front leg, and little combs on their other
legs.  It's not easy to get a good look at them.  One of the females
is carrying eggs or babies or something tucked under her swimmerettes,
and she hides a lot.

I think they are ghost shrimp.  Hungry ghost shrimp.

Best regards,

> > I just added 3 "blue clawed shrimp" to my 10 gallon tank last week.  I
> > can't find any information on them, but I think they are just overpriced
> > ghost shrimp.  They certainly have a taste for green algae. They haven't
> > caught up with the monstrous algae bloom in my tank yet, but they are
> > working on it.
> The only things I've seen in the trade that fit that description are
> more like crayfish than shrimp.  If they are crayfish, then you have a
> problem on your hands; they aren't plant-friendly.