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Re:Baensch Atlas 4

>Does anyone know anything about volume 4? I noticed a
>  picture of its binding (along with all the other
> volumes) in the back of 3. I looked it up online and
>  found something that said it came out in Germany in
>  1995. That can't be right, can it? It takes that
>  long to translate? Or, is it already out and I missed
>  it? 

Cavan: My understanding is that there are 5 Volumes of the Baensch Atlas(plus
the Photo Index),but that Vol 4 & 5 have not yet been translated from
German....and fortunately the Regional Tropika wholesaler has both Vol $ &
5,and is fluent in German :):)
                                                HTH  James(Western Canada)

fortunejd at usa_net

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