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Someone recently mentioned adding iodide to their tank to keep their
shrimps happy. 
I just added 3 "blue clawed shrimp" to my 10 gallon tank last week.  I
can't find any information on them, but I think they are just overpriced
ghost shrimp.  They certainly have a taste for green algae. They haven't
caught up with the monstrous algae bloom in my tank yet, but they are
working on it.

Can I just put a drop or two of tincture of iodine on an oyster shell,
then put it in my filter box when it dries?  Or do I really need to buy
some fancy reef iodine supplement?  I've never kept invertibrate before,
except for snails (that I probably couldn't get rid of) and a brief
encounter with daphnia.  Thanks.

Best regards,