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Noxiousness in general

> From: "Colin Gorton" <colingorton at wanadoo_es>
> Subject: Re: Noxiousness in general
> I'm sorry to get into politics here but I can't help but be disgusted at
> the US govt. attitude to the greenhouse gases conference that just broke
> up in The Hague.
> How can the US govt expect its citizens to respect the laws put there to
> ensure noxious _plants_ don't spread when the self same govt. refuses to
> abide by its own agreement to cut CO2 emmisions.
...[snip...yak yak yak...]
> No appologies for the diatribe and no offence intended for any of the
> list members, I'm just pissed off.
> C:-)lin

 Well, you ought to apologize for two reasons:  First, for wasting bandwidth
with this political screed on a group for aquatic plant discussions, and
secondly for misrepresenting the topic you discussed.

An agreement was reached between the North American countries, England, and
the other Europeans.  Then the _Europeans_ backed out.  they backed out,
apparently, because they didn't understand the relation between growing
green plants and CO2.  Those who are interested in the details of the
agreement that the Europeans backed out of can go to www.nytimes.com and
read all about it.

Please, can we keep politics out of this group?