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Re: Dead fish

> Question is: in a 75 gallon tank how essential is it to recover dead fish?
>  I do not want to tear apart the tank to do this nor stress the other fish.
>  Will the breakdown of the fish's body pollute the tank too much? I have
>  lots of snails and about a half dozen shrimp.

Well, that's a tough one to answer.  I would say it's essential to recover 
any dead fish because the putrifying body will dump quite a load of nasties 
into the tank.  On the other hand, snails are the little morticians of the 
tank, often devouring a dead fish overnight.  I have occasionally found a 
cluster of snails dining on a dead fish and having it half-consumed, where I 
had observed the fish alive just that morning.  They do work fast.  I would 
advise you to make an effort to recover the body, but if it's going to 
require tearing down your tank, and if it's a small fish (as a Cory would 
be), then just let the snails do their thing.  I'm sure some will agree with 
me, and others will vehemently disagree.....