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Re: Re: Rataj and Horeman (1977) Aquarium Plants

>>> > At an online bookstore, I've just run across a used copy of:
> >
> > Rataj, Karel & Thomas J. Horeman. 1977. Aquarium Plants, Their
> > Identification, Cultivation and Ecology. T.F.H. Publications, NJ. 448
> pp.
> >
> > on sale for about $70.  Now I love reading and collecting all sorts of
> > aquatic plant literature, but $70 seems a little steep to me.

Wow...I think I paid $30 for mine brand new..2 years ago. I would be happy
to give you mine for the cost of shipping. IMHO, its the most useless peice
of literature on plants still being printed. It was originally printed
sometime during the early 60s, and all the "reprint" "revisions" havnt added
much to the outdated and inaccurate information, or the horrible pictures.

Robert Paul H
Photos from Tom Barr and Jamie Johnson:
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