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Dead Fish...


I just hit my first bump with my tank. I lost two fish last night. I found
an Oto dead in my wet/dry overflow and a Cory dead on the tank bottom. I am
not sure what caused it. I did do a water change yesterday and forgot to
plug the heater back in. Perhaps the temp dropped too far over night. I am
still waiting to see if the other Cories are OK. They are very skittish and
are not always visible. Also I have only seen one Oto today so that I am
still waiting... I have four... er had four.

I pulled the Oto our easily but the Cory's body is nearly impossible to
reach. It drifted out of site in the middle of some tortuous driftwood.
Question is: in a 75 gallon tank how essential is it to recover dead fish?
I do not want to tear apart the tank to do this nor stress the other fish.
Will the breakdown of the fish's body pollute the tank too much? I have
lots of snails and about a half dozen shrimp.

Thanks for any advice.

Paul Mouritsen


           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols.com

	         Washington, DC