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Re:Crystal Red Bee Shrimp

I've seen them bred in large tanks/shallow ponds with
a multitude of hiding places. The more plants, twigs ,
leaf litter etc. the better your chances of having
some fry survive. They are very small and require
green water, infusoria and small rotifers and daphnia
to thrive. They've been found in Biwako (L Biwa) where
the water is a max of 3-4m deep. Fish also love these
little naps and I've seen platies, swortails, bettas,
GTO's and other similarily sized fish decimate a
population of these shrimp.

I have been trying to find information on how to
acquire a hybrid form 
the Caridina species for my heavily planted 54 gallon
tank. I have 
the archives but no help was there. It is called
Caridina serrata or 
crystal red bee shrimp. I have e-mail several people
but not only do 
not know of where to purchase them, they have never
even heard of them.
There is something however on them at a web site
called Joe's aquatic
lounge. You are my last hope, if they exist does any
one know where 
they can
be purchased. I have kept Caridina japonica before but
I would love to
acquire these lovely shrimp.
Thank you for any help
Michael Webb

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