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Water Hyacinth Disease

Hi. I am struggling to keep six water hyacinths alive by keeping them
indoors for the winter in a 50 gallon plastic tub. They are getting brown
spots on the leaves and I've checked numerous sources but haven't found any
answers. The roots seem healthy, but growth seems stunted compared to its
outdoor summer growth. The house water is softened, ph 8.0, and temp. is 68
degrees F. Six guppies are thriving in the tank. Two flourescent Gro-lights
are positioned approximately 3 feet above the plants, and they're on 12
hours a day. There has been some algae overgrowth. Is this a nutrient or
fertilizer problem, a fungal infection, or something else? I added a small
amount of dilute Miracle Gro (30 cc of solution using the recommended
dilution with the powder). Help!! It's only November and I need these boys
alive till May!  I can't believe that this beautiful plant is considered a
pest in the tropics, and I'm having trouble keeping a half dozen alive!
  Thanks for any help you can give me.