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Re: Chelated trace mix / "K2O"

> From: Arthit Prasartkul <arthitp at ksc_th.com>
> Subject: Chelated trace mix for PMDD, is this fine?
> I went to a garden store in Bangkok today to find its ingredients. I  came
> back with one (for terrestrial plants) that has Mg 2.4% Mn 1.5% Fe 1.5% Cu
> 0.5% Zn 0.5% Co 0.03% B 0.3% Mo 0.03%. Would this ingredients work as a
> souce of chelated trace mix in PMDD.

	I would expect that you would have to add some more iron as well.
> I asked the shopkeeper for Nitrate and they only has K2O. Would this be a
> substution for K2SO4?

	Whatever this stuff is, it is not "K2O".  For rather archaic
reasons, the potassium content of fertilisers is frequently stated as
a percentage of "K2O", even if it contains no oxygen at all (e.g., KCl).
It could be the chloride or even the sulphate, and is probably O.K. for
use in place of K2SO4, but find out what it _is_ before you use it.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada