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Re: Pollination

Justin writes:

> I was wondering what the best way to ensure pollination of plant's flowers
>  is, as most of our aquariums are a little short on bees to take care of it
>  for us.  Specifically, my Apons and an Ozelot sword I recently acquired
>  (thanks Sylvia!), as well as a stem plant whose name I can't remember at 
>  moment are flowering like mad, and I'm always happy to grow new plants.  My
>  initial thought was using a q-tip to rub the pistil and stamen on each
>  flower, transferring pollen, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea.  As
>  always, all help is greatly appreciated.

Cotton swabs (eg. Q-tips) work well.  I've heard that Apnogetons require 
cross-pollination from two separate plants of the same species.

Bob Dixon